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Our technology uses pyrolysis to split and reform biomass in to a host of useful products. We offer for sale:

  • Biochar and biocoal,     

  • Liquids (Select aromatic hydrocarbons, wood vinegar, and wood tars),

  • Gases (producer gas, heat energy)

  • Carbon removal offsets through dedicated long-term contracts. Please see our carbon removal page for more information. 

Black Bear Biochar

High temperature (600 to 800 °C), Low volatiles, and long-term carbon removal.
Composition always meets or exceeds these specifications:
  • >85% fixed carbon (commonly 90%)

  • <10% Ash (commonly 6% or below)

  • pH level of ~9.0

  • OMRI listed for organic use

Our organic Black Bear Biochar comes in 3 different sizes, is ideal for nutrient or chemical absorption, and when inoculated, is ideal for soil integration and increased water holding capacity. It's also fantastic in water management remediation, and ground water buffering in municipal applications.

See our Black Bear Biochar page for more details.

OMRI listed
Carbonized Solid Biofuel


At 30 GJ / tonne, our specialty BCB Carbonized Solid Biofuel (CSB) can be used as a coal or petroleum coke substitute in select industries, such as cement production and smelting, or as a method of carbon sequestration.


Biomass and Carbonaceous Waste Management

We can partner with you to provide biomass and other carbonaceous waste management through co-location of one of our facilities.

If your organization produces large quantities (30,000+ tonnes annually) of ongoing wastes, we can discuss opportunities for partnership.

Wastes we can manage include sawmill and forestry wastes, agricultural/greenhouse wastes, municipal solid wastes, construction and demolition debris, and more.


We know reducing landfill biomass input is a top priority for extending landfill operations, reducing costs, and avoiding future methane management. We can help do that.

Bio-based wastes that may be contaminated with plastics can also be managed.

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Waste Servics
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