Sequester First
Offset the Most

"Nature charged our CO2 batteries,
BC Biocarbon refines biomass back into long-term carbon batteries"

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With our BCB biocoal,
and indirectly with our biochar,
we have the opportunity to
"refill our coal mines".

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In order to meet our climate mitigation goals we must first reduce emissions as much as possible.  This, and with the eventual need to re-balance atmospheric CO2 levels, BC Biocarbon can play a key role in carbon removal, for millennia; and we can do it for less than many other carbon removal methods.

We sequester

2.7 tonne CO2e / tonne biocoal*

3.1 tonne CO2e / tonne biochar*

*de Ruiter 2019

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Landfill Biomass Diversion

Remove carbon.   Minimize methane.   Extend landfill operation.

50%+ of landfill input is
commonly bio-derived
Example medium-sized
BC Biocarbon biorefinery
10 tonne dry input / hour

70,000 tonnes dry feedstock annually

Output ~40,000
tonnes CO2e / year
can be sequestered

~15,000 tonnes biochar annually or

~20,000 tonnes biocoal annually