Sequester First

Offset the Most

"Nature charged our biomass carbon batteries,

BC Biocarbon refines the carbon for permanent storage."

With our BCB biocoal
and indirectly with our biochar,
we have the opportunity to
"refill our coal mines".

$100 - 180 CAD / tonne CO2e

(long-term sales contracts)

In order to meet our climate mitigation goals we must first reduce emissions as much as possible. From this, and with the eventual need to re-balance atmospheric CO2 levels, BC Biocarbon can play a key role in sequestering carbon in a solid and stable form, for millennia; and we can do it cheaper than many other carbon sequestration methods.

We sequester

2.7 tonne CO2e / tonne biocoal*

3.1 tonne CO2e / tonne biochar*

*de Ruiter 2019

Ask to view our "Presenting BC Biocarbon"
presentation for prospective business partners.
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Sequester carbon.   Minimize methane.   Extend landfill operation.

50%+ of landfill input is
commonly bio-derived
Example medium-sized
BC Biocarbon biorefinery
10 tonne dry input / hour

75,500 tonnes dry feedstock annually

Example 90,000
tonnes CO2e / year
can be sequestered

~21,000 tonnes biochar annually or

~34,000 tonnes biocoal annually