About Us

Our Focus has been to develop a technology which refines a wide variety of carbonaceous material into:

  • solids (biochar),

  • liquids (wood vinegar and tars), and

  • gases (producer gas)

Our Goal is to produce bioenergy and manufacture biogenic carbon products for the direct substitution of fossil fuels and their related products.

Our Technology uses a specific route to biocoal and biochar production called "bio-refinery" technology based on pyrolysis and gasification processes.  

  • Biomass is heated in a low oxygen environment driving off the volatiles and leaving a highly concentrated carbon or char.

  • Liquids are separated for further refining.

  • Non-condensable gases are combusted for process heat.

This is a continuous flow, single pass process.  The only external input is electricity.  

We Are Unique among biofuel developers because our technology:

  • Produces a biocoal product that has 30-70% more energy per tonne than competing biofuels.  This results in a higher value product with greater applications in high temperature or high carbon content industries.

  • Produces a hydrophobic (waterproof) biocoal which makes transport, storage and handling easier.

  • Requires no auxiliary fuel, chemicals, or additives.  This results in a more robust system with lower production cost and less environmental impact.

  • Refines any type of biomass or carbonaceous material, thereby providing: 

    • greater flexibility

    • more technology applications

    • lower feedstock cost, and

    • greater environmental benefit

  • Manufactures refined biogenic carbons and compounds for specialized use in a variety of industries.  Our value chain extends beyond bioenergy.

  • Is carbon neutral, which means there is no net CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Biochar from woodwaste
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