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About Us

Humble Beginnings
Big Aspirations

We are a company developed from a pragmatic approach to using biomass wastes to derive value, and drive carbon reductions.

Located in the beautiful Robson Valley, BC Biocarbon has grown from the ground up to become an innovative waste-to-resource company, with products for a regenerative economy.


Who We Are

We are a team who believe in the technology we have developed.
We know the benefits of our products, and we know we need to rapidly scale in order to meet the world's climate goals.

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What We Do

Our Focus has been to develop a technology which refines a wide variety of carbonaceous material into:     

  • solids (biochar),     

  • liquids (wood vinegar and tars), and     

  • gases (producer gas)  ​ 


Our Goal is to produce and manufacture biogenic carbon products for various uses including land and water remediation, carbon sequestration, and the direct substitution of fossil fuels and their related products.


Our Technology uses a refined pyrolysis system to produce products in a system called a biorefinery.     

  • Biomass is heated in a low oxygen environment driving off the volatiles and leaving a highly concentrated carbon in the form of chars and tars.     

  • Liquids are separated for further refining.     

  • Non-condensable gases are combusted for process heat. 


Our technology is a continuous flow, single pass process, not based on single batches. The only external input is electricity.

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