Wood Vinegar   

What is Wood Vinegar      

Wood vinegar, also called wood acid, is one of the by products of char production.  It's principal components include: acetic acid, acetone, methanol, H2O (?) and many other organic components.   Wood vinegar is the colour of honey or beer.  

Unrefined wood vinegar that has settled into layers of varying degrees of concentration.


Wood vinegar is a natural/organic compound (?) which has many different beneficial applications including:

  • soil enhancement

  • pest control

  • plant growth stimulant

  • odor reducer for manure piles

  • compost activator


The benefits of wood vinegar include:

  • it is safe to humans, animals and the environment when applied as directed

  • it can be cheaper than traditional chemical fertilizers

  • it is a natural/organic fertilizer and pesticide

  • it is a soil enhancer

  • it reduces odors emitted from manure

  • it accelerates the conversion to organic compost

How to Apply    

Wood vinegar must be diluted with water before it is sprayed onto plants or soil.  A ratio of 1 part wood vinegar to 50 parts water is recommended.  (Example:  Mix 1 liter of wood vinegar with 50 liters of water.)  Evenly spray this mixture over plants.  The wood vinegar will be absorbed by the soil, roots, stem and leaves making the plant healthier and stronger.


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